Timeless's Gated-Access via Vibe/PoA

Timeless's Gated-Access via Vibe/PoA

Timeless.SPACE – Curator DAO for Moments

Timeless is a curator DAO for moment NFT. True fans, tastemakers and patrons can bond over animated 3D models as mementos of real-life events. Like NBA Top Shot for iconic games, Timeless captures the memories of your life, your clubs or your metaverse as NFT.

Timeless hosts on-chain auctions for event tickets, boosts incentives for engagement in DAO, and monetizes exclusive access or conversations. A time wallet with beautiful calendars and crypto integrations, defining the next million subcultures on blockchain.


Forever.ONE – Social Moments on Location

Who’s combining social-location-mobile with NFT-DAO? Web3 versions of Foursquare-Instagram-Twitter? As proofs of presence-clout-human. Join #ONEmomentDAO to capture the happiness and meanings of your moments on forever.one – like Pokémon but with on-chain autographs.

For example, user A takes photo of B. forever.one makes #1moment nft qrcode with its photo, a venue to check in, a message to remember. B scans QRcode & approves "together for the moment" as autograph – without installing any app or wallet. A & B share the NFT's multisig & sale.

Instead of checking in landmarks w/ Foursquare or catching monsters with Pokemon Go, celebrities with we.new. Create value out of your social encounters, or be the mayor of your favorite places. Merge physical geo world with shared ephemeral experience.

Instead of the ad-laden and the like-driven web2 of Instagram or Twitter, experiment with the self-assessed tax and quadratic power of radical markets. How would you monetize the love and memories of people you meet in life? Can geospatial NFT serve as the basic income to its community?

Also a great primitive for tying fans, tastemakers, patrons... together for events & classes in DAO. Web3 service marketplaces will build on scalable protocols, mechanism designs, cryptographic privacy, but also as a beautiful product with intimate touch.

Join the product discussion & NFT launch for our #ONEmomentDAO? We allocate $50K initial budget for governors, builders, curators – disrupting #SoLoMo. More, integrate with our 1wallet and daVinci gallery! Burner Wallet with BuffiDAOs at ETHDenver 2020 had great success in executing such a minimal viral product.